ECSTAR R9000 Full Synthetic 1 Gallon

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Item # 990A0-01E40-01G


  • Improves Throttle Response
  • Enhances Shifting Performance
  • Reduced Friction Improved Engine Performance
  • Contributes to Improved Fuel Efficiency


Designed to maximize the power and efficiency of Suzuki engines, ECSTAR R9000 Full Synthetic Engine Oil represents the pinnacle of ECSTAR product development. Suzuki created this high-performance lubricant after hundreds of hours and thousands of laps around racetracks worldwide. Available in 10W40.

Motorcycle engines are different from automobiles engines in structure. Unlike automobile, the motorcycle engine is integrated with the transmission gearbox and clutch. In other words, one oil needs to match the respective requirements of various apparatuses in the engine at the same time.

Motorcycle engines are used in severe conditions when compared with automobile engines. Some of these different conditions include high temperature, high intensity, and revolution. Therefore, the use of motorcycle engine oil is highly recommended. In order to identify the level of quality, there are special standards for motorcycle engine oil.

The secret of ECSTAR's outstanding performance is the optimal blend of oils, which is created through both theoretical and empirical analysis of SUZUKI motorcycle engines from the stage of designing.

ECSTAR oil has been exclusively designed for SUZUKI engines and has passed rigorous tests for performance, quality, & durability etc.

We recommend you to choose ECSTAR when you need to change oil for your SUZUKI.

California's Proposition 65 Cancer & Reproduction Harm