ECSTAR Suzuki Genuine Oil

Over the last several years, Suzuki has been utilizing the state of the art technology derived from MotoGP racing in the development of new motorcycles. The benefits now expand well beyond engine and chassis refinements to the development of a new high-performance motorcycle oil line: ECSTAR Suzuki Genuine Oil.

Feedback from both technicians and riders at the MotoGP level was instrumental in creating a high-performance premium oil that not only exceeds all JASO MA2 standards, but more importantly, was formulated by Suzuki engineers. When using ECSTAR in their own motorcycles, scooters and ATV’s, Suzuki owners can be confident that their engine oil can stand up to the extreme temperatures and high RPM that the Suzuki GSX-RR MotoGP race bike exhibits.

ECSTAR Suzuki Genuine Oil is available now in three different formulations to beat the needs of every owner from the professional racer to the daily commuter or recreational off-road rider.

ECSTAR R9000 Full Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil

Designed to maximize the power and efficiency of Suzuki engines, ECSTAR R9000 Full Synthetic Engine Oil represents the pinnacle of ECSTAR product development. Suzuki created this high-performance lubricant after hundreds of hours - and thousands of laps - around race tracks worldwide.

  • Improves Throttle Response
  • Smooths Shifting Performance
  • Increases Acceleration
  • Improves Engine Performance
  • Improves Fuel Efficiency

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ECSTAR R7000 Semi Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil

ECSTAR R7000 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil is a blend of high-performance synthetic lubricants and premium mineral oils engineered to protect your Suzuki engine and optimize its performance.

  • Helps Protect Engine in Severe Conditions
  • Improves Engine Response
  • Smooths Transmission Performance
  • Improves Shifting Feel

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ECSTAR R5000 Mineral Engine Oil

ECSTAR R5000 Mineral Engine Oil uses high-quality natural base oils in a formulation that keeps your Suzuki’s engine and transmission clean and efficient. Its stable anti-friction properties make it the right choice for owners who want an affordable and reliable engine lubricant.

  • Custom Formulated for Suzuki Vehicles
  • Exceeds All JASO MA2 Requirements
  • Lowers Oil Consumption
  • Helps Prolong Engine Life

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